Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are You Feeling Life "Ain't So Great?"

By Tony Dungy

In the movie City Slickers, Billy Crystal feels the onset of a mid-life crisis and asks: "Did you ever reach a point in your life when you say to yourself: 'This is the best I'm ever going to look, this is the best I'm ever going to feel, the best I'm ever going to do, and it ain't that great'?" We've all been there. We've strived to achieve and get ahead in our careers and be honored for our accomplishments. And we wake up one day and realize "it ain't that great." What we do with that feeling of emptiness will speak volumes about our character.

Will we get depressed and want to throw ourselves a pity party? Will we file for divorce and run off with a younger woman? Or will we use the opportunity of our midlife to examine ourselves, rearrange our priorities and work toward building a better future?

The choice is yours...choose wisely

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