Friday, November 20, 2009

It is good to talk

When things are going well and everyone is happy, it is much easier to talk because both of you are comfortable with the issues you are discussing.

On the other hand, when things are not going well and one or both of you are not happy with the situation around, the natural thing to do is to be silent and gradually drift apart.The danger here is that your silence would not solve the problem if anything it just worsens it. In relationship it is good to talk about what you are not comfortable with, as uneasy, as this may be it is one of the best ways to keep your friendship and closeness.Silence creates a dividing wall between you and gives room for assumptions, which may lead to grudges and malice.It is good to talk, you need to set boundaries around your talk, and have a goal.

It is definitely not a time to blame or abuse each other, but a time to take responsibility, to inform each other of the realities and have a plan to solve the issue at hand, this method will protect and foster your friendship.When you are both vulnerable and your relationship is not as strong as it should be, do not avoid each other, this is the time you should wisely treat the weak points and give it the right environment to heal and not be silent.This is the best time to talk, be positive and wise [be careful how and what you talk about] remember your goal is to get your relationship back happier and stronger than it was before.Stop avoiding each other, it is good to talk.

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