Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did Michael Jackson Get Born-Again Before His Death?

By Bishop Andy C. Lewter

June 29, 2009

According to the MARY MARY’s Facebook Page, Michael Jackson Received Jesus Christ.

"Last night we received some good news from Terri McFaddin-Solomon who is good friends with Sandra Crouch. Three weeks ago Sandra and Andre' spent some time with their close friend, Michael Jackson. Michael asked Andre` to play, "It Won't Be Long And We'll Be Leaving Here."

Michael then prayed with Sandra and Andre and accepted Christ into his heart. Now he's singing in the heavenly choir! Our Hearts Rejoice.

Find here: http://gospeltoday.ning.com/profiles/blogs/reportedly-michael-jackson


john said...

Wouldn't that be something. Poor, poor soul that he was. A really gifted individual who could have been used mightly for the cause of God's Kingdom. He instead lived a very painful and sad life. I really hope he did indeed gave his live to Christ.

Queen 5 said...

I hope this is true. It is one thing to say the sinners prayer because of your friends, it's another thing to make that 180 degrees turn. I hope he would be one of the heavenly surprise.

XtianDoctrine said...

Poor soul. He left a legacy of greatness mixed with pain, hurts and wierdness....