Monday, June 1, 2009

A Wonderful New Month

By Ayamma Umanah
The Netherlands
June 1, 2009

Hey everyone!!!

Its amazing how time flies. Suddenly we are in another new month - It's June already.....the last month in the first half of the Year 2009. I'm sure we all entered this year with loads of expectations and resolutions -that is for those who make them. By now, some of us are already jumping with glee that YES! I'm on track. Some of us are less joyous, because we probably are seeing the lapses and wondering, "How in the world am I going to catch up?" There are still those who would rather not be reminded of the passing of time, because as far as they can see, nothing has gone the way they planned it!

If you ask me I'm not exactly sure where I would place myself in these stratifications. And truth be told I don't really want to. But then, the planners amongst you will ask, " How then will you assess your goals and where you have fallen short?" Some others will applaud my decison and say, "You go gal, life is to be enjoyed , not monitored constantly which will take the fun out of it."

Fortunately , both parties have valid points. One needs to have goals in life and periodically check them in order to see if one is on track or not. If somewhere you have gotten off, then find your way back. However, a life filled with only goals and constant checking , lives little or no room for the spontaneity that adds spice to our lives. Life then can become restrictive, boring, and one of constant competition and repetitions! So, I have chosen to chart the middle road - (lazy of me, I suppose) - and mix all the stances. While I look back to see how far I have come especially with plans, I don't let myself get depressed or indulge in self pity on how far I am from where I ought to be. I choose to believe each day is an oppourtunity to live better and achieve what I couldn't yesterday. I am not a proponent of "opportunity comes but once", if not several people whom we now look up too as achievers would never be in that hall of fame!

Let's look at the biblical times and check out some of the heroes in that dispensation.

Jacob, given the blessing and right of the first born, yet had to run away for years. Through so many disappointments, he still became the Patriach of Israel and inherited the land of promise. Moses, first a prince, then a fugitive , then again a leader of a great people. His name remembered both in Egpyt and Isreal. If he were only a prince in Egypt I'm not sure he would have been so remembered!

How about our contemporary times?

Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, and numerous other people who survived bad business deals, bankruptcy, failing health, and a host of other failings and disappointments. They all chucked it up as experience, learnt from it and moved on , determined to create a better tomorrow. Contrast that to certain other men who, because they failed in their goals, allowed depression to set in and never tried again, and so remained nonentities forever, or worse still, committed suicide because they felt they couldn't face tomorrow?

So what's the essence of my long 1st of June sermon? You may ask. Decide like Apostle Paul, to forget the things that are behind (January to May), and press on to the things ahead (June to Decemeber). So much more lie ahead of us. Great oppourtunities, joyous encounters, life changing and defining experiences that we will miss if we remain fixated on past victories or failures. So don't be like the Greek god, Janus. Who have 2 faces - one facing backwards and one facing forward! I doubt that fellow made much progress in life. Why? Because there will always be something in your past beckoning that will impede your forward progression.

So happy new month to you all. May you make the best out of it and many more months to come.

God bless you real good.


XtianDoctrine said...

Out of the dung hill of failures shall success rise......

john said...

It has been a wonderful month indeed......on this blog at least.